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The Online Student Ratings system allows students to confidentially rate their BYU learning experience. Students are encouraged to provide feedback about their courses and instructors. After grades are submitted and aggregated, reports of rating results are provided to BYU faculty and administrators. The student ratings are very important in helping instructors improve their teaching and in helping the University evaluate courses and faculty.

Effective Fall 2019, single point composite numbers were eliminated for the section and department. Uncertainty ranges provide a more realistic appraisal of student perceptions than a single point.

Also effective Fall 2019, section uncertainty ranges are compared to department uncertainty ranges (and college and university averages) on the same curricular level: 100-299; 300-499; 500+.

Download the official statement from AAVP John Rosenberg (the AAVP at the time of the decision).

* Note: A new student ratings system was implemented in Winter 2015. Help for the previous system can be found under the “legacy system” tab.

See the Student Ratings Schedule for ratings deadlines.

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