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Creating & Editing Decks

Create a Deck

On the homepage, click Create. The new deck will pop up, where you can add a title and searchable tags, a cover, and a deck description. Click Finish on the bottom right of the deck to save it.

Add Cards to a Deck

On the homepage hover over your deck and on the bottom left corner click the pencil icon that says Edit. Once on the flashcard viewing page, click the blue plus icon on the bottom right to add new cards. Click Finish Editing on the top right to save.

Add a Folder

On the homepage click Add Folder on the top left.

To add decks to a folder, hover over the deck and click the check mark icon on the top left. Select any number of decks, then click the folder icon on the top right and select your folder from the drop down menu.

View and Edit Deck Details

On the homepage hover over your deck and click on the 3 dot icon on the bottom right that says Details. Once there, you can edit the deck settings.

Print or Delete a Deck

Open the deck details (see above) and click the printer icon or trash icon on the bottom of the pop-up window.