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Learning Outcomes

Under Home, Learning Outcomes list how the work in the course enables students to develop the knowledge and skills listed in the outcomes. Learning outcomes also help students create a personal portfolio to enhance their credibility with potential employers.

The Course Purpose includes a description of the course.

Learning Outcomes list all of the associated learning outcomes for the class. If the instructor has linked assignments, exams, exam question blocks, or exam questions to learning outcomes, students can view their performance on each outcome. After completing items, their score is converted to a letter grade, based on the course grade scale. Then each letter grade is translated to how expectations were met:

  • A: exceeds expectations
  • B and C (P for Pass/Fail Classes): meets expectations
  • D and below (E for Pass/Fail Classes): below expectations

Students' achievement is displayed to the right of the outcome.

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 5.29.52 PM.png

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