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Combined Schedule

The Combined Schedule puts all assignments and exams from a user's Learning Suite courses in one place. There are several views to choose from and filters to sort out what users want to see. Students can submit assignments or begin exams directly from the Combined Schedule as well.

If an instructor has set up a user's Canvas course with a link in Learning Suite, users can click the Add Item button, manually enter in their Canvas assignments and exams, and associate them with that Canvas course.

  • BYU Learning Suite has a combined calendar that shows schedule information for all of your Learning Suite courses in one place. Use the Combined Schedule to see and check-off the assignments, topics, and exams for all your classes in a calendar, week, or list view.

    Navigating to the Combined Schedule

    1. To access the combined schedule, first make sure that you are in the main Course List page, where all your courses are listed. If you are not at the Course List page, navigate to it by clicking the down arrow on the course name at the top of the screen and then select All Courses.

    nav to course list.jpg

    2. On the Course List page you will see a side navigation on the left. Click the Combined Schedule option.

    combined schedule link.jpg

    Month View

    1. To switch to month view, select the Month link in the upper right corner of the page. Each assignment on your schedule will show on the calendar. Icons indicate which course the assignment is related to--the icons are automatically assigned to your courses and cannot be changed. If you want to turn them off, uncheck them in the filter view. Required items are bolded and have a tan background. University holidays are noted on the month calendar view.

    month view.jpg

    2. The calendar defaults to the current month. To view other months, select the arrows on either side of the current month to navigate forward or backward.

    Month navigation.jpg

    Week View

    The week view shows all of assignments for a single week at a time.

    1. To navigate to the week view, click the Week link at the top right corner of the page. The current day is indicated by a blue border.

    • The days of the week are across the top of the chart, and the classes you are registered for are along the side. 
    • The assignments due that week are in the cells of the day that they are due and the class they belong to.
    • You can toggle between a 5 day or 7 day week by checking the box in the upper right corner of the calendar.
    week view day toggle.jpg

    2. To navigate to other weeks in the semester, click the arrows on either side of the week listed at the top left corner of the grid to move forward or backward.

    week navigation.jpg

    List View

    The list view provides a concise way to view all your assignments for a given week.

    1. To navigate to the list view, click on the List link in the upper right corner of the page.

    • The days of the week are arranged vertically with the earliest date at the top.
    • The assignments and announcements for a certain day are listed in the row directly below the header for that day.
      List view link.jpg

    2. To navigate forward or backward in the semester, scroll up or down using your mouse wheel or touch screen. You can also click the arrows on either side of the week listed in the top left of the list.

    Filter Items

    You can filter the information you see in any view by using the check marks on the right side of the view. There are two filter categories: Views and Show Courses

    1. The checkboxes in the View category let you mark which items you want to see in the Calendar, Week, and List view.

    • For example, if you only want to see your exams, make sure the checkbox next to Exams is blue and all the other sections have been unchecked.
    • Use the Check all and Clear all buttons to easily choose or clear all the items in a section.
      Filter items.jpg

    2. The Show Courses category follows the same guidelines as the Views category. Filter which classes you want to see assignments for by selecting or deselecting the corresponding checkbox.

    Filter items 2.jpg

    View Details

    1. To view item details, click on an item and you will see a pop-up window appear. This contains additional information about the item.

    • The top of the pop-up window will show the title of the current item you have clicked on. 
    • Inside this box you will see multiple tabs like Description. These tabs provide more information and will differ depending on the item type. 
    • Times listed are in Mountain Time unless you have changed your Time Zone (
    • Depending on the item type, you may have options to Check Off, Submit, Resubmit, etc. straight from the calendar item.
      item details.jpg

    Add Items

    You can add text items to your schedule by clicking the green +Item box at the top of the schedule view.

    add item.jpg

    Text items need to be associated with one of your current courses. You can associate items with a Canvas course if the instructor has set up the Learning Suite site with a link to your Canvas course following these instructions.

    Kyle Rogers
    Elizabeth Anderson
    Ben Johnson

  • You can view and submit assignments through the Combined Schedule for any of your Learning Suite classes.

    1. Navigate to the Combined Schedule and choose the view you prefer (Month--Week--List)

    2. Click on the title of an assignment on the schedule. In List view, you will be able to click the Submit button for assignments right on the view.

    assignment list submit.jpg

    In the month or week view, a dialog box will appear and you can submit using either of the green submit buttons.

    assignment submit.jpg

    3. Select a file from your computer to upload, add any notes (optional), and click the Submit button.

    assignment submit file.jpg

    Note: Assignments can be resubmitted any time before the assignment due date. For more information about checking assignment submission, click here.

    Chris Parker
    Bryce Allan
    Jacob Parry

  • To add an item to the Combined Schedule, click the blue +Item button at the top of the calendar.

    Add an item to your Combined Schedule

    Select the date and time, choose the course to which this item will be associated with, add a title and any optional information in the Notes section, including relevant hyperlinks.

    Fill in the time, title, and any optional notes

  • The Prioritizer is used to display an arrangement of assignments drawn from the combined schedule of the user, sorted based on the preferences of the user. Access the Prioritizer from the Course List page left navigation on desktop, or the hamburger menu on mobile:

    prioritizer nav.jpg

    Arrange Priorities

    The assortment of tasks can be arranged by a variety of preferences. Select the “Arrange Priorities” button located on the right-hand side of the page. Once it is selected, a pop-up menu will appear.

    Note: You can resize and move the menu by clicking and dragging.

    Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 11.43.07 AM.png

    Filter Options

    The first filter the user can utilize is the “Limit to date range” feature. Set a begin and end date, and only tasks that are set within those dates appear in the Prioritizer. If you don't want to limit by date range, disable it by selecting the checkbox to the left of the filter.

    Priority Sorting

    Within the menu, the preferences can be sorted by selecting the on/off switches to the right. The cursor will change to an icon of a hand with the index finger pointed while hovering over it. If the switch is set to the right, and green, the priority is on. If the switch is set to the left and blank, it is off.

    When the priority is enabled, any task that is associated with that priority from all courses being taken by the user will appear in the Prioritizer. For example, if “Due Date” is enabled, then any tasks with an upcoming due date will appear first in the Prioritizer.

    Priority Ordering

    The order in which the priorities appear in the Prioritizer can be changed as well. Click one of the two lined columns located next to the priority on/off switch. The cursor will change to an icon of four arrows in a diagonal pattern while hovering over them. Drag the priority to the desired position within the menu. The order of the tasks will then adjust accordingly within the Prioritizer. For example, if a user would want the exams to be shown first within the Prioritizer, they would click the column for the “Exams” priority, drag the column to the first slot within the menu, then select save. The Prioritizer would then display exams for the user’s combined courses first.

    If you want any of the changes made to the date range or the priorities to be permanent, click the “Save” button at the bottom right-hand corner of the menu. If not, select “Cancel”, and no changes will be saved. Select the green “Reset” button in the top right-hand corner of the menu to revert to default settings.

    Add Other Items

    You can add any item to the Prioritizer by selecting the “+ Item” button at the top of the page. Once it is a selected, a pop-up menu will appear.

    Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 11.44.42 AM.png

    Within the menu, give the item a title, optional notes, and set the date and time the item is “due.” [Because this is an item created by you, and not an instructor, the item is not actually graded, and not technically “due.” This will just be the date and time the item will be sorted as if the user enables the “Due Date” priority.] This also applies to the course setting, located below the date. Choose a course you are enrolled in to assign the item to for the purpose of being sorted by priority.

    "Hiding" Checked Off Items Items can never be completely removed from the Prioritizer list but there are ways to lessen the priority that items users have already completed. Users can hide prior assignments by using the Date Limiter Range - change the first date in the range to the current day and the Prioritizer won't show anything that was already due. Additionally, if you put the "Checked Off" priority at the top of the priority list and enable it, all of your checked off assignments will automatically go to the bottom of the page. See explanation video