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Use the Preferences menu to edit your Learning Suite home page, edit messaging and email settings, register iClickers, and more!

1. Select your name in the top right corner of Learning Suite.

Screenshot of Course List

2. Select Preferences from the dropdown menu.

Drop down after clicking on your name in the top right hand corner

When you click on "Preferences", a dialog window will open with the following tabs:

Preference Popup


Here you can change your time zone, home page, and display settings.

Screenshot of the general preferences drop down. Shows how you can edit the time zone, the course home page, and the display mode (light mode or dark mode).

Time Zone Settings

The default time zone in Learning Suite is Mountain Time. All dates and times will be in Mountain Time unless users manually switch to another time zone. Learning Suite does not use the time zone from the computer settings and will never switch time zones automatically.

Select the preferred time zone from the dropdown menu. Click Save to apply changes.

Time zone drop down within the general preferences.

Note: Many assignment and exam deadlines are at 11:59 pm MT. Time zones further east than Mountain Time will change the assignment due date to the following day but early in the morning. 

Home Page

When you first login to Learning Suite, the Home page will be the first thing you see. You can select your Home page to be either your course list, announcements from your classes, your combined course schedule, or a specific class.

Screenshot showing how to choose which home page will appear after you login

Dark Mode

Learning Suite now offers dark mode as a display option. Under Display, choose Dark Mode or Attempt to detect browser dark mode settings. Click Save to apply changes.

Screenshot showing how to change the display preferences from light mode to dark mode (light mode selected)

Learning Suite will now be in dark mode. Return to this preference to switch back to light mode if desired.

Screenshot showing how to change display mode between light and dark mode (dark mode selected)


Choose the email address Learning Suite will send emails to. Options available are your University Personal email, your University Work email, or Other email. Learning Suite will automatically select your personal email if no preference is selected. For help with changing your University Personal email and your University Work email, click here.

Screenshot of email options. It asks "Which email would you like Learning Suite to contact you with?", and it give the options of university personal email, university work email, and other. There are also two buttons; one says send test email and the other says refresh emails.

Note: Learning Suite cannot guarantee email delivery to third-party email systems. 

Click Send Test Email to ensure that the email information is correct and functional.

Click Refresh Emails to refresh the email addresses listed if changes were made recently.


The Messages tab has two sections: Filter and Notifications. Filter allows you to filter new messages from other students by checking the appropriate box.

Screenshot of the filter section

Notifications allows you to change desired notification preferences.

screenshot of the notifications section in the messages dropdown


This tab gives you easy access to BYU’s iClicker registration webpage. Simply click the link under Students to access iClicker registration.

screenshot on how to register your iClicker

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