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  • To join a meeting:

    1. Under Online, click Zoom on the left sidebar.
    2. Under the Upcoming Meetings, find the meeting to join.
    3. Click Join next to that meeting.
    4. A new Zoom tab should open in the browser window. A popup will appear on this new tab. Click Open Zoom Meetings. This will open the Zoom Application on the computer.

    Note: If the popup does not appear, press Launch Meeting and then complete Step 4.

    If the student is already logged into Zoom in the browser, they will be admitted into the meeting. If they are not, they need to follow the steps below.

    5. Another popup should appear. Press Sign in to Join.


    6. Press SSO.

    Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 4.26.26 PM.png

    7. For the Company Domain, type “byu”, if it is not already there. Click Continue. This will open up the BYU login page in a browser.

    zoom 4.png

    8. Put in the login information for the BYU account and press Sign In.

    zoom 5.png

    9. The zoom page will appear again. On the popup that also appears, press Open.


    10. This will open up the Zoom App again on the computer and will join the meeting. Press Join with Computer Audio to finish joining the meeting.

    zoom 7.png

    1. Under Online, go to the Zoom page.
    2. Click the Cloud Recordings tab and find the recorded meeting to watch.

    3. Click the name of the meeting.


    4. Click the Play icon on the left media player box labeled “Recording-1” to view the recorded video and audio of the meeting. 

    Note: Clicking the Play icon on the right media player box labeled “Audio only-1” will view the recorded audio of the meeting.


    5. Wait a couple seconds and a new tab will open. The passcode needed to view the recording was copied to the clipboard, so click Paste (or Ctrl V) in the passcode input box.

    6. Click Watch Recording.


    7. Click the triangle Play button to start the video recording.


Questions? Contact BYU OIT at or (801)422-4000.