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The course syllabus will provide information about the course and is created by the instructor. Typically, syllabi contain contact information for the instructor(s) and TA(s), the schedule, grading scales and grading policies, as well as other structural information relevant to the course.

1. Navigate to a specific course and click on the Syllabus tab in the top navigation bar.
Note: If the course does not have a Syllabus tab, it has not been enabled by the instructor and the instructor will distribute a syllabus via another method.


2. The Syllabus page will have one of three delivery methods displayed:


Link to Website:


Learning Suite Syllabus:
The Learning Suite syllabus is built-in to the course. Use the left navigation to access the different sections of the course syllabus. Note that instructors can choose the content available in the syllabus and the order of the sections, so each course navigation will likely be a little different.