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There are three ways within BYU Learning Suite to send communications to class participants:

  1. Email:  send email messages to class participants. These messages are not stored in BYU Learning Suite. Email messages are sent by proxy recipients and are blind carbon copied (Bcc). Thus users cannot reply to other message recipients nor see who they are; however, they can reply to email and it will send a reply to the individual who was the original sender. Email is suited to a mass message for which you do not expect people to reply or for one-to-one communication only. Users can send an email to someone who is not in the class by entering an additional address in the "Additional Recipients" space provided.
  2. Messages: Messages is an internal messaging system that allows for threaded conversations among class participants. Messages sent through this system are stored in BYU Learning Suite; however, users may set up email notifications (which contain the message sent to them) to be sent to their email address on file. Messages can be accessed by clicking the mail icon on the top of any Learning Suite page.
  3. Announcements: Faculty can post announcements for all students in their course in BYU Learning Suite. If the announcement if time sensitive, or otherwise highly important, they can also choose to have the announcement sent to the class members' email (to the address on file in AIM). However, those who receive the emailed announcement cannot reply to the email that is sent.

For more information about disabling student to student messaging, click here.