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  • 1. Click under the message you would like to delete.

    2. Click the gear icon on the right-hand side of the message. Select Delete.

    Recover Deleted Messages

    1. Deleted messages are in the Deleted folder. Locate the Deleted folder by clicking the Inbox drop menu and selecting Deleted.

    2. Click the desired message and click the gear icon located on the right-hand side of the message under the date.

    3. Select Undelete to move the message back to the inbox.

  • 1. Click on the Envelope icon in the top right corner of the screen. Click Edit Settings.

    2. A dialog window will appear. Click the Permissions tab.

    3. Click the No radio button under Allow Students to Send Messages to Each Other to disallow students from communicating with each other. Students can only communicate with instructors, TAs, or groups they belong to if no is selected

    4. Click the Yes radio button under Disable Messages to disable messages for your course completely. Students cannot communicate with other students, instructors, TAs, or groups they belong to if yes is selected.

    5. Click Save to update permissions.

  • Send a message:

    1. Click on New Message once in Messages. A dialog window will open. Click on the Person icon to open the address book.

    2. A dialog box will open. Select what course(s) to send the message to by using the drop down menu. Instructors can select All Courses Taught or individual courses or communities.

    3. Check the box next to the name of the individual(s) you wish to message. Their names will appear in the To: field.

    4. Click Save Selected to add the selected individuals to your message.

    Note: If an instructor has All Courses Taught selected and have Select All checked, the message will be sent to all students in all of the courses and communities that the instructor is a part of. Students are grouped according to the course or community they are in. These courses and communities can be viewed by scrolling through the participants window.

    5. Type the subject in the subject field. Click Choose… to attach a file to the document.

    6. Type the message in the message field. Block replies for the message by checking Do not permit replies to this message.

    7. Click Send to send your message. (Optional) Click Save as draft to send your message later.

    8. A green dialog box will appear in your window confirming your message has been sent.

    Reply to a message

    1. Click on the message to reply to.

    2. Type your message in the Reply field.

    3. (Optional) Click Choose… to attach a file to your message.

    4. View your reply. All messages in the conversation will appear in chronological order from oldest to newest.

  • Spring-Summer courses span both Spring and Summer semesters.

    Because spring-summer classes are classified as spring classes in the BYU system, the messages for these classes are also classified as spring term messages.

    Because only messages from the current semester show, once Summer term begins, the messaging system will display only Summer messages (and no longer the spring-summer course messages). However, to view messages from the psring-summer class during summer term, change the semester view to spring.

  • The messaging system in BYU Learning Suite displays messages for the current semester. Messages can only be sent or received from the current semester.

    Note: Internal Messaging is disabled for all courses once the semester ends. The Email feature, however, is never disabled and can be used to communicate with students after the semester has ended.

    1. Click on the semester drop down menu located in the top left of your screen.

    2. Select the appropriate semester from the drop down list. The messages will automatically populate in the inbox.