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Instructors can email their students within Learning Suite. These emails can also be sent to co-instructors, TAs, and any other email address. Recipients can reply but to the sender only.

Send an email

1. Click "Email" under the Course Home navigation menu.

2. All students enrolled in the course, co-instructors, TAs, and guests are listed. Check Select all to add all participants to the recipients list. To send to a specific user, check the box next to their name. The Course Recipients drop down menu also provides the option to view the students by their section, or co-instructors, TAs, and guests.

3. To send an email to a recipient that is not included in the course, add the email address in the Additional Recipients text box. If you are sending the email to multiple people, type their email addresses separated by commas. For the user to send a copy of the email to themselves, checking the Copy myself box.

4. Enter a Subject for the email. To attach a file, click the Choose… button next to Attachment.

5. Enter the body of your email. Click Send Email.


  • The Learning Suite cannot guarantee delivery of email messages, since those emails are delivered via an external email system such as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
  • You can also attach up to 10 files.

Reply to An Email

Emails sent through Learning Suite are sent from the email address.


In order to reply to these emails, click reply. The individual’s personal email address will automatically be selected as the recipient, and the email will not be sent to

Note: If the is copied and pasted as the recipient, the intended recipient will not receive the email.