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Group Scoring

Scoring group assignments is done in the Grader, which can be accessed one of two ways.

  • The Assignments Page
    • On the Assignments page (located on the left tab of both Home and BYU Grades) find the desired group assignment.
    • Click Score located to the right of the desired assignment.
  • The BYU Grades Page
    • On the Scores tab of the BYU Grades page find the desired assignment.
    • Click the name of the assignment or the arrow to the right of the assignment’s name.

Once in the Grader:

  1. Select which group to score from the All Groups dropdown.


  2. Enter a score in the Group Score textbox to set a score for every participant. Or enter a score for every individual participant. This second method is primarily done if different students in the same group earned different scores.

    group 2.png

  3. (Optional) Check the Excuse this student checkbox to excuse the desired student from that assignment.
  4. Click the > button next to the All Groups dropdown to advance to the next group and continue grading.