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Advanced Exam Scoring

  • Instructors can adjust student scores on the Scores page. This is useful when attempting to curve an assignment to match a desired average score.

    1. Under BYU Grades, click the dropdown arrow next to the desired assignment, and then click Adjust Scores.

    adjust 1.png

    2. The Adjust Score dialog window will open. Enter the desired number of points to add or subtract from students’ grades. Positive values will add points to the existing scores, while negative values will subtract points from the existing scores.

    Note: Additionally, click Limit scores to between assignment min and max scores to prevent scores from exceeding the maximum and minimum scores.

    adjust 2.png

    3. When finished, click Save.

    4. A warning dialog window will open stating the change that will be made and the permanent nature of the change. Click Confirm to adjust the scores. The changes in students’ scores will be reflected on the Scores page under the assignment selected.

    adjust 3.png

  • Replace scores will automatically replace the score of assignment(s) or exam(s) with the student's score of another assignment or exam if it is higher. This is sometimes referred to as second chance testing.

    1. Click on BYU Grades.

    2. Click on the desired assignment to open the dropdown, then click Adjust scores.

    replace 1.png

    3. Click on the Replace Scores bubble to switch to the Replace Scores tab.

    Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 10.53.09 AM.png

    Note: Before replacing scores, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the current gradebook scores are exported. The replacement process is not reversible—the gradebook scores would need to be imported if the replacement needs to be reversed. Click on the green button to download an exported copy of the current gradebook.

    4. In the left column choose from the options for score replacement:

    • Replace the lowest score of the assignment(s)/exam(s) you will select on the right column.
    • Replace all scores of all assignment(s)/exam(s) you will select on the right column

    5. In the right column, select the assignment(s)/exams(s) for which the scores will be replaced. If desired, use the filter to see only exams, assignments, or categories.

    Note: Scores will be replaced IF the score to be replaced is lower than the score replacing it. Select the “Replace at %” if the replacement score should be anything other than 100% of the replacing score.

    Example: An instructor sets the final exam score to replace a midterm exam at 85%. That means a student’s final exam score will replace their midterm exam score IF 85% of the student’s final exam score is more than their midterm exam score.

    6. Click Save for the scores to be replaced.

    Additional Notes:

    • The student’s original raw score will still be viewable by going to the Exam page, click Options on the exam that was potentially changed, then View Results. The student’s original exam answers and raw score will remain there, unchanged.
    • The history of all of score changes can be accessed by clicking on BYU Grades and clicking the name of the exam(s) that may have had scores change. Chose “View Score History” from the drop down menu. All original scores will be listed, as well as any that have changed due to the Replace Scores function, manual changes, etc.
    • Rescoring the exam that had scores replaced will NOT replace the original scores. To restore the original scores, import the exported gradebook.
    • Grade statistics and question statistics (accessed by clicking the statistics icon on the Assignments page) will stay the way they were with the original scores. The replaced scores will not update those statistics.