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Instructors can create rubrics for assignments. These rubrics are viewable by students and help them understand what type of work deserves what score. If changes are made to a rubric after students have submitted an assignment, the assignment will need to be rescored using the new rubric.
  • Step One:
    Click +New assignment once under "Assignments" in the Course Home navigation.

    Step Two:
    Fill in the necessary information for creating your assignment.
    Select the Scoring tab.
    Change the Score Entry to Rubric.
    Click Select rubric… to open the drop down menu and select New rubric.

    Step Four:
    The Assessment Criteria dialog window appears. Enter the criteria for your assignment. Additional criterion can be added by clicking +Add Criterion.Additional levels within the criterion can be added by clicking +Add level.

    Step Five:
    Click Save.

    Step Six:
    Click Save in the New Assignment dialog window.

    Step Seven:
    The rubric criteria can be viewed and edited by clicking Criteria next to the assignment.

    Step Eight:
    When the assignment is ready to be scored, click Score next to the assignment.

    Step Nine:
    The grader will open. Select a student’s name to grade their submitted assignment. Assign values for the criterion within your created rubric.

  • Step One:
    Under "BYU Grades," click on the dropdown arrow next to the desired assignment and click Open Grader.

    Step Two:
    The Grader will open. The rubric can be found in the left portion of the Grader. By default, the rubric is condensed to the major portions of the rubric. Click Expand full rubric to view all the criteria of the rubric.

    Step Three:
    The full rubric will expand. Points can be assigned for each category by simply clicking the button containing the point value associated with that criteria.
    Note: The rubric can be collapsed by clicking Collapse full rubric.