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Grading Exams

  • Instructors can re-score an exam for an entire class. This is helpful if the answer key changes after students have taken a test.

    1. Under Exams, click Options under the desired exam. Select View Results from the dropdown menu.

    2. Click Re-Score Exam.

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    Note: It may take several minutes for any changes to appear in the gradebook.

  • Instructors can score and leave feedback on students's exams through the Grader.

    1. Select the desired course and click BYU Grades.

    2. Click the arrow next to your exam’s name and select Open Grader from the drop-down menu.

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    3. Click Select a student from the drop-down menu to view that student's exam, or choose Grade by Question to view all student responses for each question. Correct responses are marked with green checkmarks. Incorrect responses are marked with red x’s.

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    4. View the points that were earned for each question. Instructors can manually adjust points for any question. Enter a number in the box or use the arrows to increase or decrease the score. Click anywhere out of the entry box to save the score.


    • Instructors must score open response questions manually.
    • Scores may take up to one minute to display in BYU Grades. Try refreshing the page if scores have not updated after one minute.
    • Instructors can enter comments in the Comments field. If or when these comments will be are available to students is determined by the preferences selected in the Reporting section of the Scheduling Tab during exam creation.
    • To determine which questions need to be manually graded, click Show Ungraded Only.

    Click here for more information about Reporting options.

  • BYU Learning Suite exams responses are computer-scored, except for open response and, if specified, fill in the blank questions. Scores are added to BYU Grades automatically if instructor is not required.

    To manually grade exam questions or review student responses and scores:

    1. Select Score next to the appropriate exam.


    2. Select which student’s exam to score from the Select a student drop-down menu. Only students who have submitted the exam appear in this dropdown. 

    Note: Students are listed anonymously by default to allow for impartial grading. Check the box next to Show Student Names to reveal student names. This checkbox remains checked each time the Scoring tab is selected.


    3. (Optional) Select which attempt to score from the Attempts drop-down menu if students are allowed multiple attempts. The last attempt the student took is the defaulted attempt that is displayed.

    4. Enter a point value of the desired question to score it or change the point value to give partial credit/remove points.


    5. (Optional) Enter a comment in the comments textbox to give the student feedback on that question.

    6. Click Save for each question after it is edited to save the point changes and/or comments.

    7. (Optional) To advance to the next student’s exam and continue grading, click Next Student at the bottom of the screen, select another student from the Select a student drop-down menu, or click the > button next to the student drop-down menu.



    • Computer-scored questions are marked correct or incorrect, with the appropriate point value listed in the right column. Computer-scored fill in the blank responses are highlighted in green for correct and in red for incorrect.
    • Changes are visible immediately when students access their results. Remind students to wait until grading is complete before viewing their score.
    • Mis-spelled computer-scored fill in the blank answers are marked as incorrect.
    • Student responses for open response questions appear below the question.

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  • For more information on advanced exam scoring including curving, adjusting scores, replacing scores, and weighting scores, click here.