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Global LTI List

The Global LTIs BYU currently offers instructors are listed below. Click the product names with links for specific information about setting up the plugin. The table below describes the function of each LTI and who to contact for further support.

Cengage Learning MindLinksCengage Learning's MindLinks provides seamless, powerful integration with BYU's Learning Management.
Cengage WebAssignCengage WebAssign is an online learning platform built by educators that provides affordable tools to empower confident students in a virtual learning environment.
Decision-Based LearningDecision-Based Learning (DBL) is a pedagogy that organizes instruction around the decisions an expert makes as they engage with the world in a given domain of learning.
EvolveUse the Evolve LMS to deliver and manage Evolve’s training courses and your own training content.
GoReactGoReact is a leading video annotation tool that allows you to provide students feedback on their video-based performances (it’s been used by teachers of Dance, Nursing, ASL and other second languages, Teacher Education, Negotiations, Counseling, Presentation skills, Interviewing skills, Public Speaking, and more). It can also be used for peer review where students can comments on each other’s work.
Gradescope ProDeliver and grade your assessments anywhere. Gradescope helps you seamlessly administer and grade all of your assessments, whether online or in-class.
Hypothes.isHypothesis is a new effort to implement an old idea: A conversation layer over the entire web that works everywhere, without needing implementation by any underlying site.
iClickeriClicker is the market-leader in student and audience response systems for Higher Education, recognized for ease-of-use, reliability, and focus on pedagogy.
Knewton AltaKnewton Alta is a complete courseware solution that combines Knewton's expertly designed adaptive learning technology with high quality openly available content to deliver a personalized learning experience that is affordable, accessible and improves student outcomes.
LinkedIn LearningLinkedIn Learning includes unlimited access to over 16,000 business, design, and tech online courses.
McGraw-Hill CampusMcGraw-Hill Campus is a groundbreaking service that puts world-class digital learning resources just a click away for faculty and students. Your entire faculty—whether or not they use a McGraw-Hill title—can instantly browse, search and access the entire library of McGraw-Hill instructional resources and services including e-books, test banks, PowerPoint slides, animations and learning objects—from any Learning Management System (LMS).
NortonNorton offers a wide variety of learning and assessment tools that reach and engage every type of learner, while helping instructors meet their course goals.
Open Learning Initiative (OLI)OLI provides dozens of college-level courses, and a platform that enables research and experimentation with any aspect of the learning experience.
PerusallPerusall Motivates students with a social learning experience to increase engagement, drive collaboration, and build community through course content, including books, articles, web pages, videos, podcasts, and images.
PluralsightWith the technology skills platform, you can see where your skills stand and master the latest in software development, IT ops, AI and machine learning, security and more.
RedShelfRedShelf is a service that provides access to certain eBooks, textbooks, academic materials, magazines, documents, and other digital content.
Sage Vantage ProLearn your way. Course tools that simplify studying and build confidence.
Top HatTop Hat empowers educators to engage students and unleash their potential through meaningful learning experiences.
TurningPointTurningPoint app allows students to use their web-enabled device to respond to questions in real time and self-paced modes.
VitalSourceGet instant access to eTextbooks and a full suite of study tools on any device—both online and offline.
WileyPLUSTo assist instructors with heavy workloads, WileyPLUS offers easy ways for students to keep up with the learning curve, such as flexible, linear learning paths, adaptive practices, and reports and metrics.
zyBookszyBooks use animations to dynamically illustrate complex concepts. zyBooks uses thousands of questions integrated into the content to help concepts sink in.